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Welcome to my corner of the world!
Mixed Media Sculptured Leather and Acrylic

Sandra L. Hiller      Elk, WA     (509) 991-5677

My family and I live on a small farm in Northeastern Washington, located three miles from the farm where I grew
up. I have been an artist my whole life and rural farm life provides a never ending number of my favorite subjects -
farm animals and wildlife.
I have worked since 1981, building harness and tack,
and have sold harness in countries all over
the world - Japan, Egypt and France, to name a few.
The technique that I work in today has allowed me
to tie together working with leather and my love
of art. My work combines drawing, leather tooling,
sculpting and painting in a three dimensional piece
of sculptured leather art. Each unique piece is created
with one piece of leather, and done from an original drawing.


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