"Sculptured Leather Art"

1: Each piece starts with

an original drawing. It

is then transferred to a 

flat piece of leather and 

tooled just like a

wallet would be done.

2: The areas of the

picture that are to be 

raised out are stretched

from the back by 

placing a children's

marble under it and

pressing over it.



5: The resulting cavity

is filled with a putty of

leather dust and cement.

The picture is then tooled

again, adhered to a 

Masonite backing and

tooled for a third time.

6: The areas of the

picture that are to be

completely raised out

(antlers, ears etc.) are

cut loose with a scalpel

and sculpted from

behind with more of the

leather dust putty.

7: At this time, the hairs

or feathers are cut with

the scalpel. The

background is

completely tooled in. 


8: The picture is finished

by applying a leather

dressing, painting with 

acrylic paints and sealing

with a UV-resistant

acrylic sealer.

No two pieces will ever

be the same.